Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky.
— John Grogan, Marley and Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog (via wordsnquotes)

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Anonymous said: Did you know that nowhere in the entire Quran, does it say that you must wear the niqab? You're practicing culture, not religion. A culture that isn't even yours to begin with.


Did you know that there’s evidence that it could be fard? According to the Hanbali madhab it is, which makes up almost the entire Saudi population.

Did you know that the wives of the Prophet wore niqab?

I’m not going to comment on wether or not I think it’s fard, but the fact of the matter is I wear niqab because I want to and quite frankly my dear it’s none of your business.

"A culture that isn’t even yours."

Niqab is cultural… You’re right… It’s Islamic culture. And I, as a Muslim, can practice Islam because it is my culture.

When everything you do is for your religion, it becomes your culture.

I pray Allah guides you & me as well.

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You can’t control love. That’s the best and worst part of it.

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Ya Allah, You are
Al-Fattah, The Opener

You opened my heart
to feel the truth.

You opened my eyes,
to see the truth.

You opened my ears,
to hear the truth.

Ya Allah,
I beg you please open
for me the gates
of Jannah, too.

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The Light is chasing you; all you have to do is turn around(Marrakech, 2013)


The Light is chasing you; all you have to do is turn around

(Marrakech, 2013)

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I don’t belong here. Someone please take me far away from here.


He called me a mudblood.

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His character was the Qur’an.
كــان خُــلُــقُــه الـــقـــرآن
— Aisha (ra) responding to a question describing the Prophet’s (saw) character. (via fatelovesarebel)

So, what if this life isn’t perfect? It’s not Jannah.
— Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan   (via iqranazir)

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What to reply to someone who deny the existence of God at all, and the creationism?

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The believer only acquires true rest when he meets Allah, although rest may also be obtained by these four things: silence, by which you recognize the state of your heart and your self in your relations with your Creator; retreat, by which you are rescued from the evils of the age, outwardly and inwardly; hunger, which kills fleshly appetites and temptation; and wakefulness, which illuminates your heart, purifies your nature and cleanses your spirit.
— Imam Sadiq (as) describing ‘rest’, Lantern of the Path  (via gharq)

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Eidul Fitr means the “Fitrah’s celebration”. Meaning after one month of spiritual cleansing, we are celebrating the fact that we have insha’Allah gone back to our original pure fitrah given to us at birth.
— Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar   (via nargessi)

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Why is
self love
considered to be
Michelle K., This is Not a Revolution (via michellekpoems)

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